​“We came across X Wave 104.9 on a recent trip to Arizona and were immediately hooked by their music catalog and program format! We are really looking forward to our next trip to the area so that we can tune back in and listen to best station we’ve come across in a long time.” - Jose & Staci Ortiz – Dec. 3, 2015 Santa Fe, NM

Tucson, Arizona singer Tora Woloshin

​I was broke down in Willcox for 11 days and hooked up to your KHIL while I was waiting to get the pickup fixed...really loved the format...don't get to hear any of the old stuff up here in Iowa any more...especially Roy Rogers music. I'm 60 years, grew up with it and really didn't realize how much I missed it in till I heard it again thanks! Thanks again for the good ole times,...Dave Andrew

​Just discovered KWCX a couple of weeks ago when I dumped XM because of their DJ chatter. I listen here at work on the Fort and on the road. Thanks again for the great music and no talk, Mike

-Radio is the leading reach platform: 93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves, which is  higher than TV viewership (85%), PC use (50%), smartphone use (74%), and tablet use (29%)
-265 million Americans 6+ listen to the radio each week;
-66 million Millennials use radio each week;
-Audio consumers are listening for more than 12 hours each week; and
-The majority of radio usage comes from employed listeners; nearly three-quarters of Generation X listeners work full-time.
-News Generation 2016

Tora Woloshin of Tucson, Arizona ROCKS!
Her song "Guns And Roses" is featured on X Wave 104.9!
Great song, great job from a local artist!

Radio Station

​KHIL is great! I get to listen to Eddy Raven! Joseph Capanear, Benson, AZ

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Recognized KHIL as a

“Governor’s Award Recipient”

For our work in 2015 with

“Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona”


​No one plays the old cowboy songs or classic country anymore like KHIL. I’m listening to songs I haven’t heard since I was a kid and I’m 69 years old! What a great station! I’m telling everybody about KHIL. Michael G. from Creston, Montana

"We just discovered the amazing XWave 104.9 and it is now our
permanent station at home and on the road.  The playlist selection is
refreshingly diverse and consistently inspired - brilliant even - and
revives treasured memories of a golden era in popular music.  The
absence of commercial interruption to spoil the listener's mood is a
definite plus.  Keep up the good work for your ardent fans!"  - Ted
C., Benson     August 2nd, 2016

​I’m from Las Cruces, NM and I go to Tucson daily and X Wave 104.9 kicks ass!

Keep up the good work, thank for entertaining me!

Ernest Marquez

​You and your station KHIL are GREAT!!!!

​Ralph Maplesnow, Silver City, NM