My name is Michel, I'm listening to KHIL in Paris, France. I love country music and Willcox, Arizona! I spent two days in Willcox with my wife in April 2016 visiting the area. Have a nice day.

​Jan 2018

Radio Station

​I was broke down in Willcox for 11 days and hooked up to your KHIL while I was waiting to get the pickup fixed...really loved the format...don't get to hear any of the old stuff up here in Iowa any more...especially Roy Rogers music. I'm 60 years, grew up with it and really didn't realize how much I missed it in till I heard it again thanks! Thanks again for the good ole times,...Dave Andrew

​KHIL is great! I get to listen to Eddy Raven! Joseph Capanear, Benson, AZ

​KHIL streams in HE-AACv2 and some web browsers need Adobe Flash to play the audio for these types of streams.

​You and your station KHIL are GREAT!!!!

​Ralph Maplesnow, Silver City, NM

​Tanya Tucker

Hi Mark,
My wife and I were down at Inde Motor Sports Ranch and was driving along in her car and happened on KHIL 103.5 FM. It made our weekend! I'll tell you! What a great mix of music and in looking at your website you have quite a history as well. I find it amazing that with the rich cowboy history in Willcox and Rex Allen's tie in with the area that there aren't more people supporting you. Anyway, my wife and I both enjoyed the hell out of your station!  Good luck with the new station as well as your current offerings. I guess we'll just have to make our way to Willcox more often to enjoy your station.

Best of luck-till we meet again-happy trails!
Best wishes,
Kirk and Andi Cross
November 2016

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Recognized KHIL as a

“Governor’s Award Recipient”

For our work in 2015 with

“Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona”


​No one plays the old cowboy songs or classic country anymore like KHIL. I’m listening to songs I haven’t heard since I was a kid and I’m 69 years old! What a great station! I’m telling everybody about KHIL. Michael G. from Creston, Montana

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