​Hey Mark!
I just had the honor of watching "Lonesome Willcox" with my father, and it brought him to tears.  We're in an equally small town in Northern Ontario, Canada! :)  We loved your story so much and wanted to take a moment to reach out and say Thank you for sharing it. I think it's so great that all of your hard work and passions are being shared all around the world!  So much that it's even reaching small areas like the one I reside in! Thank you sincerely again for sharing your life story, and for taking any time you might devote to reading this and replying if possible.
Nick Sketch

​Dear Mr. Lucke,
First of all, all the best wishes for 2019, I wish you nothing but prosperity and good health!
I saw the Documentary featured by The Atlantic about KHIL radio, I must say I was touched and inspired by your words. Ever since I saw the documentary I couldn't stop thinking about your interview. You've inspired me to make some drastic life changes for the better to better my community here in Belgium.
Best Regards from your new fan,
Thomas Buysse in Belgium

Radio Silence

​Hi Mark, I had to call you and tell you thank you for everything that you do for us. No one plays the old music for us like you do on KHIL. I felt like the world had forgotten about us until I discovered KHIL. Thank you for taking care of us, the senior citizens. I feel like I’m a part of the world again. I don’t feel so alone anymore. Margaret

Lonesome Willcox

​This is a quiet, powerful documentary. It captures a brief moment of time in a small Arizona town. Mark runs a radio station by himself, speaking about his isolation and that of his listeners. It served to remind me to live life as fully as I can while I can. Everything changes. Everyone dies. 
IMDB reviewer Memento Mori

Original Film Festival Version!

​Mark, you are really great at what you do. You really are. You remember all these songs for us old timers and I thank you for that. Dale Allen

​Hello Mark,
I was passing through the desert with no service or stations, and decided to scan the AM (can’t remember the last time I did that) and came across your station. I fell in love with it instantly. From New Mexico to Utah, and back to my home in Humboldt country (northern California) I streamed it.  I played it in my shop every day, for my co-worker who is from West Virginia.  He boldly stated this is the best station to ever exist.  I'm not sure what exactly happened or is going to happen, but I wanted to thank you for the hours of tunes and the endless joy of songs I discovered.

Alternate Soundtrack Version

Hello Mark!
Loved “Lonesome Willcox”!

Alternate Soundtrack Version

Zack Wright & Ryan Maxey

the filmmakers of "Lonesome Willcox"

unsung proponents of KHIL and

Willcox Arizona.

​Jason Scott Lucke

​1963 - 1986

Mark, I am so sorry for you and Tristan. It's awful the way you've been treated. Neither of you deserve that.

What a powerful video! 
Mark, I am so very sorry for all the loss you are experiencing. You have such a wonderful tender heart and help so many by bringing joy through music. You must be being tested for upcoming GREATNESS I can't think of any other reason for all your suffering. I am just a phone call and a few towns away if there's anything I cam do to help you guys let me know! Cat

​Mark I am so sorry for what has happened to you. You don’t deserve to be treated like that!

​Documentary with alternate music!

​Documentary with alternate music!

​I felt like your story was my story. Beautiful.  Thank you for sharing. I grew up real country and miss it. I think if I just had chickens I’d be happy. I’ve been living city life for so long now I feel lost. How you relate consequence and action and how it affects your life is so real. I loved it. Besides that though, I cried and felt all of it. I believe it to be fate for those men to hear your songs on that night.  To be on that station? Odds are few with technology. Some things were just meant to happen.  I’m happy that I happened across your story.
K Swift​

Lonesome Willcox

Hi Mark, from Norway
I loved Lonesome Willcox and I love "proper" C&W - not the modern stuff, from an international DJ and music producer hailing from above Arctic Circle. Keep on! Rune Lindbæk

​Documentary with alternate music!