​-Radio is the leading reach platform: 93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves, which is  higher than TV viewership (85%), PC use (50%), smartphone use (74%), and tablet use (29%)
-265 million Americans 6+ listen to the radio each week;
-66 million Millennials use radio each week;
-Audio consumers are listening for more than 12 hours each week; and
-The majority of radio usage comes from employed listeners; nearly three-quarters of Generation X listeners work full-time.
-News Generation 2016

​"Mark with X Wave is fantastic to work with!  He has an ear for music and has an eye for the Community's needs.  He was an invaluable resource for our business and for reaching out to our customer base.  Thank you Mark!" -

Dr. Dawn K. Walker,

Walker Family Medicine

I was lucky enough to catch your station on my way to and from Texas last month, and I fell in love with the collection of songs you had! 
Jack Patino  11/27/2015

Hello. A comment about KWCX 104.9 FM. Finally, we found a station that plays the type of music that is meaningful, fun and entertaining. Songs that ring true for all age groups, including us in the age 65+ group. We have also always been fond of the country and western sound coming from your stations. Saw Tanya on public tv the other night and she said a lot of good things about Willcox, AZ. Tony & Sue Safford, AZ

Caught your station on our way home from Benson today - very nice, perfect music! – Shannon Brown​

I really like X-wave, especially the foreign music, some of which I already knew from anime and such, and I was happily surprised when I heard Caramelldancin play on an American radio station. This will not be surprising to you, for after reading your web profile, I found that I am firmly within your target audience as a teenage girl who actually cares about quality over popularity.
I live between Oracle and San Manuel, which is listed as 'fringe' in your coverage map. I found X-wave by accident.
Recently (as in 'over the summer when I was out-of-state') another station (specifically 106.3) has covered over you. I can still hear you guys, but their ads for liposuction and junk food are obnoxiously louder than your music. Somehow they cover 102-107 on my radio, which is completely unfair to better stations like you. If the station ever considers expanding X-wave's range (though I don't know what that entails in the way of new equipment), I vote for expanding much further West and a bit further North. If not, well... too bad for me, keep up the great music standards. :D

We were on our way to Big Spring Texas from Phoenix this past Saturday morning. As it is a long drive and not many stations that I like anywhere in your area I came across your station. You were playing non stop Beatles. We got to listen to the station well east of the continental divide. It was perfect. I became more energized and made the rest of the drive easy. I just wanted to say thank you for the great listening. I will definitely lock your station in for the next trip through. As a person who loves the oldies, especially the Beatles, keep up the great play standards.
Markus J Orvis
Lodi WI


Hi guys. Had to say thanks from saving me from boredom on my trip to New Mexico and back to Tucson. Station came in loud and clear and had some really interesting mixes. Love it.


Love your station. I hear songs all the time from my younger days.



the greatest radio station ever,. great music is the bright side of driving thru the Arizona desert,..


Thank you. Thank you. We are just finishing coming cross-country and we are loving the Beatles on this last leg into Tucson!!!



LOVE the variety of music and very few commercials. When they say they play more music, they really MEAN it! Could use a Pink Floyd segment like the one you do with the Beatles, though....

Hello X Wave!

Loving the music format! From Scottsdale but living in Safford.


KWCX 104.9FM

X Wave

The X Wave music format is the creation

of Mark Lucke and broadcast only on KWCX, 24/7 out of our studios in Willcox, Arizona. We are one of the very few radio stations in Arizona broadcasting out of their own studios. 95% of Arizona radio stations broadcast a satellite audio feed or broadcast audio out of their studio provided them by the satellite feed. Same difference, less national radio spots. KHIL broadcasts 24/7 out of our studio, our own music! This is why X Wave is popular listening. Radio is about music and X Wave is music without bounds.

X Wave is "all music all the time". No DJs, no talk or chatter to interrupt the music.

X Wave is focused on music.

X Wave plays hit songs from the: 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to today’s hits. We also play music from all over the globe.

X Wave music is selected from Australia, Asia, Europe, France, and Britain. We research music charts across the globe for the best music available. No one else does that. X Wave is the one and only. 

X Wave also destroys the music genre gap. We have no boundaries. We play classic rock, disco, metal, country, dance, dub-step, trance and well… everything. We are the only radio station where you can hear, The Monkees, Madonna, Barry Manilow, Van Halen, The Beatles, Motley Crue and Katy Perry.

X Wave is a wide variety of tempos, styles and music genres in a smooth clutter free presentation.

X Wave is “all music all the time”.

X Wave, a great song is playing right now.

KWCX 1250 AM went on air in 1959 in Wilcox,  In 1961 KWCX moved to FM and KHIL became 1250 AM. Rex Allen owned the station at that time and asked the FCC for the call letters KHIL or K-hill because of the Dos Cabezas Mountains near Willcox.