​KHIL's 200' AM tower in Willcox, Arizona.​

The tower was manufactured by "Utility Towers", long out of business now.

The tower was delivered and built in 1959.



Warmest of greetings to Arizona and KHIL Radio!
I am a radio enthusiast who enjoys listening for long distance radio signals. On November 27, 2017, at 2:00 AM MST,

I had the pleasure of hearing KHIL broadcasting on 1250 kilohertz. First, to prove that it was indeed KHIL that was received,

I enclose a mp3-file with a portion of your program. At 2:00 AM the end of a country song “Back in the saddle again” followed by station identification:

“K-H-I-L 98.1 FM and 12-50 AM Willcox .. Hello .. you’re listening the station .. K-H-I-L” and another country song.

I hope you find it audible. Even though the reception was possible for a short time only, it was fantastic to hear your program so far away.
Many thanks for this short moment, I really enjoyed it!
I spent a week in November/December 2017 in North Finland in Lapland some 200 miles North of the Arctic Circle listening to North American AM-stations.

My setup consists of a Perseus SDR-receiver and the antenna system, consisting of long wires hanging on the branches of trees,

was designed for DX reception on the AM broadcast band. Because of the long antennas and favourable atmospheric conditions I was able to pick up your signal.
Your confirmation by e-mail of my reception would be very much appreciated as a memory of this brief "contact" over the air.

Many thanks in advance! I hope this letter has been of interest and hope to hear you again sometime.
With best wishes from Finland,
Hakan Sundman




KHIL Radio
Dear Mr Lucke,
It’s my pleasure to inform you that your 1250 kHz AM station was picked up with my radio receiver and an outdoor aerial

all the way here in Finland, Northern Europe! This was a genuine reception through air waves, with the transmitted

signal bouncing back from the upper layers of ionosphere down to my outdoor antenna. Though the reception would be possible

over the Internet for nearly all of the stations, I’m an old timer radio enthusiast, who like to do it the hard way. It’s much more fun

and exciting to pick up a rare signal from the other side of the world with some noise and fading!
To hear country & western music from KHIL was a very pleasant surprise! I'm a great fan of country music, ever since I got my first cassette

of Johnny Cash's greatest hits in early 1970s. I've also got some old LPs of the Sons of the Pioneers, Hank Williams, in addition to the new generation.
Thank you very much for the programming, though the reception was a short one! Tanya Tucker giving the identification, cool!

Once again, your comments would be highly appreciated and warmly welcomed. I’d be also happy to know, if you receive this kind

of long distance contacts regularly, or if this message was an exception.
Thank you once again, and looking forward to you reply and comments
Best regards,
Hannu Tikkanen
Espoo, Finland




Long distance reception report, KHIL 1250 AM, Willcox, AZ, USA
Mr Jan Oscarsson
Greetings from northern Sweden,
I am writing to report my long distance reception of your station KHIL on 1250 AM here in Sweden. If my report is correct,

I would be very grateful if you could send me an email confirming that it was in fact your station that I heard and recorded.
I was listening November 3 (2017) at 12:11 am MST (0711 GMT/UTC) at 1250 kHz AM. The location was Parkalompolo,

a small village in the far north of Sweden (north of the Arctic circle). My receiver is a Microtelecom Perseus software defined

receiver and the antenna was an approximately 1000 metre wire beamed towards central North America.
Thank you very much in advance, and the best Holiday and New Year's wishes to you,
Jan Oscarsson




Hi Mark,
Greetings from Finland and Happy New Year!
Yesterday I received KHIL AM 1250 here in Lapland, North Finland with an excellent signal. In a moment I will email you a

reception report. It would be great if you were able to confirm it. Thank you so much in advance.
With very best New Year’s wishes, and thanks for the excellent program!
Jim Solatie


Dear Mark,
Some time ago I had the real pleasure of catching your station KHIL on
1250 kHz when listening to radio stations on an expedition to the
Finnish Lapland. My receiver was a software defined communications
receiver Perseus and as an antenna I used a 3000 ft. beverage
(longwire) to west, ca 335 degrees. 
I would be really delighted if you could confirm my report on the reception
of your station by a letter or an email with the text “Yes, it was our
station”. That would be a great memory of having managed to hear such an
interesting station as yours.  With best wishes, looking forward to hearing
from you,
Dr. Jopi Nyman



Mr. Mark Lucke
KHIL Radio
Greetings from across the Atlantic. One more listener to be included in your ratings numbers, I hope.

I now think I have had the pleasure of shortly capturing the signal of your station KHIL Willcox 1250 AM here in Finland, Europe,

on the 29th of November last year with my Perseus SDR receiver and about a 1000-yard-long antenna wire pointing towards western North America.

I don’t have such a monster-long antenna at home, but I was on a radio excursion in Northern Finland where we had enough

space for some such antennas, and no man-made noise around.
I wish you all the best in all of your daily activities and hope that the operation of your station would always be prosperous.

I would really appreciate receiving your short reception acknowledgement to be included in my collection of radio endeavors.

I would be very happy with a simple "yes, you did it" verification as a tangible memento of our pleasant contact via the airwaves if you find the report to be correct.
Jussi Suokas,  FINLAND



Hi Mark,
My name is Ole Forr. I'm a 59 year old radio entusiast from Norway (Europe).  I am a diary farmer married and have 2 sons.

I like to try to pick up North American AM stations.  Togtether wit 3 friends we have an antenna project in Artic Norway Kongsfjord). 
I am going trough some of my recordings and on the  29rh December 2016 I picked up a station identification I belive is KHIL on 1250 AM.   
DATE: 29th December 2016              
Time: 3.20 am MDT
My receiver is a CloudIQ  Broadband receiver and I heard KHIL on a 1500ft  antenna in  285 degrees.
I have been doing this hobby since 1970 and have soon received positive verificatiions from 1000 USA stations on AM. 

I also have a HAM Radio license, LA6EIA, used to be very active but not so mutch the last years.
Ole Forr



Dear Mark,
Greetings from Oulu, Finland! My name is  Jari Ruohomäki and I send this letter to you because I was able to listen to your station´s program on

1250 AM here in Finland with my special equipment. And please note that I picked up your signal by an old-fashioned way with a radio receiver and not via Internet!
Since 1973 my main hobby has been listening to foreign radio stations. As you may know this hobby is called dx-listening.

Since the beginning of the 1980´s I have concentrated on listening to North-American AM stations.

The conditions for listening are quite bad here in the region of Oulu.

Therefore I go each winter with a friend of mine to the most northern part of Finland called Lapland for a listening expedition.

We spend a week or two in an isolated cottage. The conditions are much better there because of less interference from human activities and from European AM stations.

It is also possible to have longwire antennas which are ideal for our listening purposes. For the expedition we usually go to

Lemmenjoki, some 200 miles north of the Arctic circle and 350 miles north of Oulu. It was right there I was able to hear your station, too.
But now I had better give the details concerning the reception. I was able to hear your station as follows:
- TIME: 2.03 AM PST
To prove that I did hear your station I attach an audio recording containing the station identification I heard followed by

"King of the road": "May all your dreams come true. Happy holidays from KHIL 103.5 FM and 1250 AM, Willcox, Arizona".
I do hope you have time to listen to the recording and it interesting. I wish I would have listened to KHIL longer,

but unfortunately it is very common that a far away AM station can be heard only a short time before fading out. You played my favorite music!
I suppose you are interested in my equipment. My receiver is a US made softa radio NetSDR.

When I heard your station my antenna was a 3300-feet-long copper wire which was directed to North-America, towards your area to be exact.

In fact, I had five different antennas in Lemmenjoki pointing to five different North-American directions.

It is very important to have a long antenna to a certain direction when one tries to pick up overseas AM stations.
Thank you very much for reading this letter and checking the recording.

I would be very pleased if you had time to verify my reception of your station KHIL by sending an answer to me.

It would be very much appreciated in my collection. Thank you!
                        Jari Ruohomäki


Hi Mark,
The warmest of greetings from Vaasa, Finland! My name is Jari Sinisalo. I'm 52 years old IT-system architect from the Town of Vaasa, Finland.

I listen to far away AM radio stations as my hobby. I also collect reception verifications.

My other hobbies include: jogging, music (I’m a drummer in a rock band), reading and foreign languages, especially Spanish. I have two sons: Teemu 23 years and Tuomas 19 years.
My home town, Vaasa is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, in the westernmost part of Finland.

It was founded in 1606 by King Charles IX of Sweden. It has a population of 68,000 of whom some 22% are Swedish speaking.
I had the pleasure of listening to your station KHIL Willcox AZ broadcasting on 1250 kHz AM on the 29th of December, 2016 at 3:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.
My receiver was Perseus software defined receiver and I used a long wire antenna of 1100 yds. directed roughly to the Great Lakes.

I picked up your signal in Aihkiniemi, which is situated some 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

I usually spend a week or two per year in Lapland “hunting” distant AM signals.
Here are some details of the program heard:
3:01   -  Station identification by Tanya Tucker: “Hello WIllcox! This is Tanya Tucker and you’re listening to the station I always listened to when I was a kid – KHIL”
My very best wishes to you from Vaasa, Finland.






Hi Mark!
My name is Jan-Erik Österholm. I am an AM radio enthusiast since 1963 living in Porvoo, Finland some 30 miles east of Helsinki our Capital City. I listened to the signal of KHIL on AM 1250 on January 19, 2018 around 12.10 pm Mountain Time.
Best regards, Jan-Erik
Porvoo, Finland

​Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Dear Mark,
We are writing to you, because we have heard your radio station KHIL 1250AM from Willcox AZ all the way here in Finland. Surprised? Hearing your station was such an astonishing experience for us.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Timo Klimoff, Pori
Patrik Willför, Vaasa
Timo Klimoff


Hello Mark,

My name is Per Eriksson and I have, according to many of my friends, a strange hobby. I enjoy listening to radio stations from all over the world on the AM band.

All they hear from my loudspeakers is the noise, but to me radio over the borders open new horizons. Yes, I know that a lot of stations stream their programs on the Internet, but to me radio is best on the radio.
That said, I am very pleased to inform you that I have enjoyed listening to KHIL over here in Sweden.

Your signal on AM 1250 kHz was very, very weak. But considering the distance between transmitter and my receiver, I am more than thrilled!

Part of my radio hobby is to collect “confirmation on reception” from the stations that I hear. If you find that the station I have heard to be KHIL I would appreciate an e-mail in return as a verification on listening in. A plain “it is us” will do fine!

Using a Perseus software defined receiver manufactured by Microtelecom. Must say that I am proud of catching your signal with my 900 metre longwire antenna. Yes, the longer the better goes for us who want to hear transatlantic signals! It is placed five metres up in the trees, so elks go free.

Thanks a lot for your attention, I do look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
Per Eriksson
Vellinge, Sweden

​The warmest greetings from Kauhajoki, Finland
Dear Mark, first thank you very much for your program.
My name is Tuomo Vesala a carpenter 53 years old and I was happy and lucky to hear your KHIL 1250 AM Radio station here in Finland.
I really enjoyed this listening to your station from large distance – AM Radio is so cool!
Thank you so much for your time. I wish you all the best in all of your daily activities!
Tuomo Vesala