Public Service Announcement

National Association of Broadcasters: "Requests for time and placement of public service announcements or programs should be carefully reviewed with respect to the character and reputation of the group, the campaign or organization involved, the public service content of the message, and the manner of presentation."

What PSAs Are...

Considered "advertising" by media outlets that use them. That is, PSAs generally are broadcast in unsold advertising space and must follow the same guidelines as paid advertising.
Available to nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organizations.
Viewed by the public as positive and credible sources of information.

What PSAs Aren’t...

Free advertising. PSAs must have a public service message, not just promote an organization, organization’s image or organization’s event.
Guaranteed. Broadcasters are no longer required to run PSAs to fulfill an obligation to operate in the public interest. Competition for PSA space is fierce.

National Association of Broadcasters, Washington: "Broadcasting is under no obligation to grant time to any specific group or message." There is no law, which says a station must devote a fixed amount of time to community organizations.”

KWQR Public Service Announcement (PSA) Guidelines

As a service to our listeners and the Cochise County community, our radio station provides public service announcements (PSA) for non-profit organizations.

A PSA is a non-commercial advertisement, broadcast for the public good. PSA content is not posted on our websites.

PSA requests must be submitted by an organization that qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS Tax Code 501 (c) 3.

Events or information must provide a service to the community.

Message must pertain to Cochise County and its residents.

Received three weeks prior to event.

The following PSA content will not be aired:

Rallies or demonstrations
Ticket, product or donation pricing
Book signings or public appearances
Benefits for individuals
Benefits for businesses
Workshops or classes
Anything related to candidates for public/political office or political organizations
75% off sale that helps save the community money
Events that are designed to promote economic growth
Business names
Anything not a public service

All PSA submissions are subject to approval and rewites.

No submission is guaranteed to air.

PSA priority is given to Cochise County Health Department and CCHCI.