​Love & Spiders 8

Reach out to me, it’s not that hard
I’m standing right here in front of you

Take everything I want to give
Take it all and let it make you new

I watch you turn and close your eyes
This is not what you want to hear

I ask you for an ounce of nothing
My love is not what you fear

You have come to need me
You need the love I feel

For all the things you have
It you cannot steal

What you have and what you want
Are a lifetime torn apart

And yet, you choose to live
Cold inside the dark

So you can’t help yourself
Like breath you reach for me

But you can’t help your nature
You destroy all that you can’t be

So there it is
And here we are

We could spend our entire lives
And never go this far

So I will lay it down for you
As it is a game

Though winning means nothing to you
Losing’s just the same

I am nothing without you
A fact I know is true

I am nothing with you
No matter what I do

I would give you all of me
Just to see you smile

If you would just lie to me
Even for a little while

I will give it all to you
I’m a shell either way

Now is the time
I can’t live another day

Swaying and weaving
Glowing within this glorious feeling

Warmth washes down on me
I open my eyes so I can see

I cannot help that I love you not
I am meant to take

I cannot help that I like you not
But I can pretend for our sake

I know how to love
How else could I love myself?

I know how to love
Just not anything else

I offer you nothing
But I ask you for it all

I will take everything
Then leave you when you fall

It is not my fault
It’s so easy to do

Yes you are the victim
Only you can save you

I will take it all
Everything you have to give

And I will carry on
And you will cease to live

It is not for you
To try to save my life

But know that in death
I will forever be your wife

Now you know your fate
If you come to me

And I can’t help but hate
What you have come to mean

So there it is
And here we are

Decisions to make
Will you go that far?

I said I love you
In that I never lie

Now I will prove it
In your arms I will die

Please give me your word
That you’ll lie to me

When you take it all
Everything away from me

I will tell you lies
And your heart will soar

And you’ll slowly die
And your blood for me will roar

Inside my head
And inside my heart

So come here to me
Let us finally start

I’ll make love to you
Penetrate you with my desire

Tell you how I love you
Make myself your liar

For it is your blood
That I’m thinking of

How sweet is your blood
Stained with all your love

No more talk!
Come now here to me

I’ll give you everything
My darkness you’ll finally see

Fear beats my heart
My hands, how they shake

My heart I offer you
And everything you will take

Don’t cry

Little bit of truth
Hidden inside a lie

My Goddess! Your arms are so cold
And your eyes are black as coals

But I’ll warm you up
My love, it’s radiance glows

Look into my eyes
Before I get your kiss

Have you felt a love
As powerful as is this

I can smell
Hot and wet your love

I can smell it!
I smell your beautiful blood

Nothing means nothing
My nature is to act

This penetration is my vow
To finally seal our pact

I feel you pour inside of me
Your seed it fills this hole

Your warmth I pull inside of me
Now we’re finally whole

I hear you saying something
As I suck you into me

Oh, how I loved you
With everything that was me

I grow warm
You grow cold

I push you away
Now it’s old

I see you now behind my eyes
You’re in my veins and in my mind

So much love
So true… so kind

To bad it was wasted
On a toxic love like mine

For we are dangerous
The most dangerous of desires

That is the way
Of Black Widow spiders

© Mark W Lucke 
07/31/2007 at 09:03AM