​Love & Spiders 7

It’s my fault I love you
You didn’t ask for that

I can’t make you love me
It’s not the place you’re at

So, here we are and there it is
Now I have lost my way

And I have nothing else to lose
So I hope you hear me say

Finding you and loving you was my destiny
Now alive, what once was dead, with you a part of me

Now I know this love, know that it exists
I can’t go on living without you a part of this

How can I walk away and never see your face
Moving through the night into a darker place

And now I truly love you, with everything that I am
And now my life feels, like it just began

Oh God. I look into your eyes and I see your naked contempt
I take up space and time that you have better spent

I know you blame me for everything, everything that I feel
Your love is not for me to even try to steal

My all consuming love causes you to hate me
Because you can’t help but covet what my eyes do see

You want it, you need it so very desperately
That you’ll even put up, with the likes of me

I will not walk away and let my world go dark
Because either way I am destined to lose my heart

Yes. I know you warned me
Not to risk your touch

Yet you are the world in me
I love you just that much

I know what you’re going to do
Once I’m in your arms

I just wish you loved me to
Yes my blood is warm

I make my choice and give up everything
For seconds in your arms

Until I feel the sting
And you drink me wet and warm

I look up in your eyes
And they can’t hide their chill

Nor comfort all my lies
As me you finally kill

You drink and you sigh
You drink and I die

I drink and I sigh
I drink and you die

Swaying and drinking your songs do fill my head
Now I know I love you it’s a shame that you’re now dead

If you had only listened and done what you were told
You would be alive your blood is growing cold

Like the others you are gone and I am now alone
Until another fly comes into my home

It is not my fault that you burned inside my fire
It’s just the way it is loving a Black Widow spider

© 2007 Mark W Lucke    
07/27/2007 at 8:23AM