​Love & Spiders 6

You eyes are dark, looking past me
I wish just once you could only see
You are everything I have ever dreamed of
Everything I’ve wanted, everything I love
She says nothing she only stares
She has no feelings she doesn’t even care
All of my dreams are swaying right here
And I can’t let go I’m rooted here with fear
You have the power to make love a blade
Cause a mortal wound and I’ll never be saved
I stand before her, reflected in her black eyes
She finally breathes and she finally sighs
Come here to me or just go away
It matters no, to me either way
Smother me with love I didn’t ask you for
Or walk away and think of me no more
Tears form and fall down my cheek
It is sick and pathetic that I am so weak
I will die from this constant craving
Yet I am dead, now resorted to begging
Either way, she doesn’t feel and she doesn’t care
Indifference in her eyes in the way that she stares
Make up your mind I don’t have all day
Come here to me or just go away
And so I climb up into my own deceit
My dreams, my love and my end all I’m about to meet
Come here now and hold me very tight
I am all yours on this fateful cold wet night
She is so cold as she closes her eyes
My whole life has come down to these simple lies
Resentment and pain all I feel from her
And I am sad as her fangs start to uncurl
She looks at me, finally, a moment in time
I have given everything, for her now to be mine
And with my final seconds of sight
I see her tears and then she strikes
Her fangs! They sink deep in my chest
I whisper I loved you every way I knew best
She pulls and drinks all I’m made of
And finally… finally she drowns in all my love

© 2007 Mark W Lucke   
07/20/2007 at 07:27AM