​Love & Spiders 5

I couldn’t believe it before my eyes
She had given me nothing but cruelty and lies
Stark blood red splashed against the silk
Her naked cold skin the color of sour milk

She was nothing… she means nothing to me
I turned away I knew I should flee
But I love her! She is everything that I dream
And all the nightmares that make me scream
Out of her arms she lets the woman slip
As she licks the blood off her smiling lips

Come here to me please don’t run and hide
Come here to me and be warm at my side

I am crushed and still I look away
Her voice purrs, baby please stay
Unpredictable why two people meet
Predictable is only the nature of the beast
Salt runs down and touches my lips
From hidden cuts and bloody rips
She says she cares she says she sees
She says she can heal wounds like these
I take one step I have only to leave
But I hear all her torment as she grieves
The pain in her voice oh how it stings
I can’t help hear her mourn as she sings

Please don’t leave me here all alone
Here in the dark here in our home
Please come to me one more time
Here in my arms you’ll be mine
Let me come inside your love
Give me everything you’re made of
I promise this time my love is real
I promise your pain I will not steal
I love you, I want you, I think I do
I know you love me I know that is true
So turn and climb back up to me
Together forever we will always be 

I turn and face her how can I not
I give in to fate it has cast my lot
Yes I love you I want you so
She beckons and I start to go
Her hand in mine is cold and sad
My hand in hers is warm and glad
She holds me tight in a cold embrace
Tears sparkle all over her face
I say I love you to her black eyes
As she holds me close while she cries
I broke your heart with every lie
You are dead just waiting to die
I will take until nothing is left
If it is given it is not a theft
Close your eyes so you don’t see

As I did my love killed me

Love & Spiders 5
© 2007 Mark W Lucke
07/17/2007 at 1:00PM