​Love & Spiders 4
A Love So Very Cold

Very long legs and such dark eyes
I couldn’t help stare I didn’t even try
Murmurs in my head, now inside my heart
Her voice is purring, This is how we start
I am only beautiful, only when you see
I am only beautiful with you next to me
I do not exist unless inside your arms
There I’ll be all right, safe and cold and warm
I so suffer the chill deep inside my veins
Offer your red to me so we can be the same
Don’t look at me that way I know what I ask!
I give myself to you and throw away my mask
I know you  are hurt, I’m hurt and lonely too
Now that you are here please hold me close to you
If you’ll just hold me I’ll make you safe from harm
I’ll give you everything and nothing, keep you cold and warm
I’d give you my life, if it weren’t so precious to me
I’ll give you all the beauty you’ll ever want to see
Feel my cold heart, rage deep inside my chest
With your arms around me it will never rest
Yes! That is beautiful! Hold me tight against your breast
Just a little tighter then I’ll give you rest


I am so very sorry, you’re shaking and you’re crying
Our tears mix with your blood as you are dying
Remember me with your heart and not with your head
Together we’ll always be, forever when you are dead
Now that you are free remember this you are told
Loving a Black Widow Spider is so very cold

© 2007 Mark W Lucke
06/29/2007 at 7:19AM