​Love & Spiders 2

I am beautiful I know you see
Why else would you always come here to me?
I see the way you look and the way you stare
Your eyes on me exclaim love so simple that you share
Come over here and lie down next to me
You are in love so set your heart free
Do not fear me for you I am true
I could almost love, someone like you
Do not fear these, my little designs
You are here so you trust in all your signs
There you go lay next to me
My skin is cold but soon it won’t be
Give me your love give me your heart
Give me your blood it’s my favorite part
The web is sticky but do not be afraid
Your love inside of me will always be saved
I have the gift to take all your love
And give your soul to the winds or the sky above
I can take you so very much higher
It is the way of a Black Widow spider
I know it hurts, please, please lie still
I have all your love, but you I have to kill

Copyright 2007 Mark W Lucke     
02/21/2007 at 8:51AM