​Love & Spiders 10

I am me and nothing more
And I can’t help I am the lure

The flies do come seeking my light
Even though I’m cloaked in night

So flies have come and I have lied
And flies have loved me and all have died

Until the one who found my heart
And the darkness she tore apart

She gave her heart and soul that day
She looked at me and not away

I love you, she said to me
I am yours if you want me to be

I looked into eyes glistening with tears
And my heart opened and gave up its fears

She sang, I will love you for all time
I will love you and make you mine

And the fly she came to me
And gave me love and made me see

She made me strong… she made me brave
She gave me a love I would die to save

She gave everything, gave it all to me
And I lost sight of what I wanted to see

Her beautiful love I started to use
And my beautiful fly I started to abuse

She held me close and I pushed her away
I said I didn’t love her many a day

And she would cry and I would soar
And the beast inside it started to roar

And I cannot leave the fly alone
As it’s the very thing I wish to own

So I push away something I love
And the tighter she holds the more I shove

I feel mighty as she breaks down
And her crying is the only sound

Until the second that she turns away
Then I scream I love you this day

She is happy and singing with joy
She is my love… she is my toy

Now her kisses are soft and sweet
And she makes my soul complete

She loves me like nothing I’ve known
She loves to make me sigh and moan

And when I have taken what she would give
I say, she must leave and so I can live

Because my love is a fleeting glance
And she had and lost her chance

And now she cries and now she screams
How can I hurt her and be so mean

Outside I laugh… inside I cry
I could tear her down if I wanted to try

I am more alone when you are here
Go away I don’t need you near

I watch her crumble to her knees
Now she begs and now she pleads

Remember the way we used to be?
Remember when you loved me?

I turn from her and look away
Time is now and nothing to say

I want her love as mine to take
I only want her for my own sake

And I love her, but I hate her to
And I am empty… what do I do?

She is mine and I don’t share
And lose her love I don’t dare

But there are others I want to see
And I am hungry and need to feed

The warmth of her hand I shiver again
Anguish engraved in her beautiful skin

Nothing will be avoided this day
I turn to her and hear her say

I would rather die than see you with another
I would rather die as your one true lover

Without your love I am already dead
My heart knows just not my head

So take my love and life from me
So inside you I will forever be

And she bared her neck so divine
And my fangs… finally made her mine

Now she is gone and I’m alone
The greatest love I’ve ever known

I am the blackest of love and desire
I’m a beautiful Black Widow Spider

© 2007 Mark W Lucke
Friday, September 07, 2007 at   9:31:56 AM