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The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Recognized KHIL as a

“Governor’s Award Recipient”

For our work in 2015 with

“Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona”


We were also part of the 2008

“Crystal Darkness”

Education initiative.

KHIL is the one! I can pick your station up in Imperial County CA. You have a great station!  Too bad we don't have anything like that out here!
Jon Cahill

Good morning from 'down under' Mark!
I stumbled across a pleasant program of soft country music on 1250 AM. I hope that your operations staff will be interested to learn that KHIL's signal has travelled the 6800 miles out to New Zealand on this occasion. I took my family to the Grand Canyon in 1992 and we saw a little of Arizona - Flagstaff and the Giant Meteor Crater.  Now that Air New Zealand has started direct flights between Auckland and Houston, your part of the world is a little closer, and I hope to get back and explore more in the future.
Thanks for reading this message, and in anticipation that you'll be able to acknowledge me as a KHIL listener!

Best wishes from 'down under'.

Bryan Clark

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KHIL 98.1 FM

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​Mark, I was in Willcox this Rex Allen Days weekend and was pleasantly surprised to hear the old 1970’s KHIL jingles on your station!!!  Totally awesome!  Your station sounds wonderful - awesome music!  Willcox and vicinity is lucky to have you and KHIL there.  You rock!

Sunday, October 02, 2016 Adrienne Richardson, California

Great music! Linda

Hi Mark,  I live up north in Chino Valley, Az.   picked up 1250 AM in the middle of the night.  I love the stuff you play, Great station!      Rick Grupp, Chino Valley, Az.​

Our country is so classic... it's new again!


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You guys are doing a fantastic job with your programming. I just turned 67 years old and I have not heard some of the songs that I hear on KHIL 1250AM for decades. Me and my two golden retrievers just love listening to the music when we go on our morning (5 am) drive north of Willcox, we live in the country. Please don't ever go away.

​Hi there! I discovered KHIL when driving from El Paso to Tucson. I love it! Oh how I wish I could hear it again. I live in Philly. Thanks so much. Kristine Johnson    08/15/2016

​KHIL streams in HE-AACv2 and some web browsers need Adobe Flash to play the audio for these types of streams.

Great music! Eileen Cordova

I love your radio station KHIL, no one plays classic country anymore. I listen to 1250 AM every night. I don’t like the new country. I like the old country music. Don’t ever change KHIL.
Cheyanne Hunter from Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to tell you thank you for putting back the classic country music on KHIL. My husband and I enjoy listening to it all day. Actually it is the only radio station we can get where we live other than PBS out of Tucson. You are very much appreciated.

Junie Reidhead

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I just want you to know that I really enjoy your country & western music programming. Thanks for being there for us. Ralph Thompson

Hardly anybody plays that old country music anymore. Ol Poss listening in L.A. CA 

KHIL 98.1 FM & 1250 AM

X Wave

The X Wave classic country music format is the creation

of Mark Lucke and broadcast only on KHIL, 24/7 out of our studios in Willcox, Arizona. We are one of the very few radio stations in Arizona broadcasting out of their own studios. 95% of Arizona radio stations broadcast a satellite audio feed or broadcast audio out of their studio provided them by the satellite feed. Same difference, less national radio spots. KHIL broadcasts 24/7 out of our studio, our own music! This is why X Wave is popular listening. Radio is about music and X Wave is music without bounds.

X Wave is "all music all the time". No DJs, no talk or chatter to interrupt the music.

X Wave is focused on music.

X Wave plays hit songs from the: 30's, 40's, 50's, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.

X Wave is a wide variety of tempos, styles and music genres in a smooth clutter free presentation.

X Wave is “all music all the time”.

X Wave, a great song is playing right now.

KHIL 1250 AM went on air in 1959 in Wilcox, Arizona. At that time KHIL was originally KWCX. In 1961 KWCX moved to FM and KHIL became 1250 AM. Rex Allen owned the station at that time and asked the FCC for the call letters KHIL or K-hill because of the Dos Cabezas Mountains near Willcox. 

In 2014 KHIL went from a classic country format to our "X Wave" format to prepare for the simulcast on 98.1 FM. In 2015 KHIL became X Wave 98.1 FM.