​Nothing has changed and everything is the same.
I wake up, go to sleep, and still respond to my name.
But behind the clouds and deep in the ocean.
Every gear, every lever, every thought is in motion.
I talk to a ghost in the passenger seat of my car.
I pretend I'm making a phone call to somewhere far.
"Hey Dad" I say, just like when I used to walk in.
There's a silence there that in my whole life has never been.
No TV playing, no comments about the weather.
No questions about my life or if everyone is doing better.
But I continue on my one sided conversation.
Telling you about Mom and the radio station.
I hope that you hear me and the things that I say.
I hope that you know I miss you in every single way.
Today is just not the same as yesterday.

October 23, 2018
Kito Lucke​

​Hello Dad I know you’re gone
And now you’re free and things need done

Just some words to carry you on
As you journey into the Sun

You said you were ready your time was done
And all your friends were dead and gone

You wrapped up your affairs and started the wait
For the Angels to come and open the gate

And when they came and took your hand
Scott, George and ole Pete I know were helping you stand

One look back and now you have so much to do
So just a little something I want to say to you

Your life and history are alive inside of me
And will never be forgotten now that you are free

I’ll remember the fence to protect the ducks
From the alligator in the pond at dusk

You said keep an eye out don’t let him sneak up on me
And I was terrified that I wouldn’t see

Killing rattlers inside the barn
To keep all the pups from their harm

Rowing the boat out on the lake
And the easy smile that washed over your face

Dressed in a suit, off to work at Sears
You were so proud of that, that year

And the fireplace job that spanned the entire wall
You glowed in the praise from one and all

And that night in the raging storm and rain
To fix their roof that night was insane

I remember the two houses we built in Wills Point
Too bad we lost them but that’s not the point

And what of the buildings we built for Kirkpatrick
And the botanical walkway we built to walk past them

I remember the love you couldn’t hide from Scott
He gave you something the rest could not

I remember Billy Crowe and all that he did
When you were in trouble and she abandoned us kids

What about Mitchell and you painting buildings
And him telling of all the sharks he was hunting

Pop I remember your green Jimmy truck
And all day in the junk yards trying our luck

I remember you fishing off the bridge in Daytona
And all of the things I should have told you

I remember Leon Miller and Donny Howell
I know they met you so your journey started well

I remember Pete and his tomatoes and a little salt
And his stories of jails and how it was none of his fault

You were so happy with baby Sainte Mark
He gave you back what you lost with Scott

I remember your pain and the sorrows you felt
And all the words you never could tell

Remember RC’s and peanuts driving on the highway
After we had worked hard all day

And I remember you laughing at the stories we’d tell
I remember it all so very well

I know I keep you, so many things to do
I just want you to know I’ll always remember you.

I love you Dad, Mark

10/23/2018 6:19 AM
© 2018 Mark W Lucke