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​This page is dedicated to Alyssa Yentsch!

To honor her for doing what was right.

In August 2012 it was brought to my attention that Alyssa Yentsch, the 2010 Rex Allen Days Rodeo Queen had not been paid her college scholarship but the 2009 and 2011 Rodeo Queen’s had both been paid. I met Alyssa and she told me that she had asked for everyone she could think of for help and no one would help her. She provided documentation that verified she had fulfilled all of her scholarship requirements and was rightfully due her scholarship. There was no reason Alyssa Yentsch should not have been given her scholarship award at any time after her term ended. On August 28th 2012 I asked Alyssa to record a radio spot to alert the public of her story and problem. I aired that radio spot on KHIL 1250AM and KWCX 104.9FM. On September 7th 2012 I paid for a professional radio spot to be created to drive home Alyssa’s story and problem and I aired that radio spot on KHIL 1250AM and KWCX 104.9FM.

I alone stood by Alyssa that entire time including getting myself elected to the Rex Allen Days board as Vice President on the night of 01/23/2013 to ensure she would get her scholarship. On March 13th 2013 I was able to hand Alyssa her long overdue Rodeo Queen scholarship.

To follow Alyssa’s brave story chronicled in the pages of the Arizona Range News please click on each of Alyssa’s pictures and a link will take you to each story.

Thank you Alyssa for never giving up, even when you were told to. Thank you for your strength, courage and professionalism during this trial in your life.

Alyssa, you are my hero!
Mark W Lucke

​Alyssa's dream comes true!

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October 4th, 2009

Alyssa wins the Rex Allen Day's Rodeo Queen crown!