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​Hello Willcox! A group of people from various aspects of Willcox have had conversations over the last year about the economic well-being of our community.  This is an internal effort, from members of our community, to identify and address some of the challenges that our city faces.
It is time to invite the ENTIRE community into that conversation!
Please join us for a Willcox Community Conversation On Willcox Well-being and Economic Development 
Monday, August 7, starting at 6:30 pm at the Willcox High School auditorium. Panelists will include: Terry Rowden, Tim Bowlby and Kevin Davis
Identified Priorities include:
·            Ongoing improvements in first impressions and physical appearance including store fronts, empty buildings, beautifications efforts.
·            Promoting the strengths and opportunities of our community such as branding, county representation, business opportunity.
·            Strengthening our internal culture like community pride, school involvement, celebrating things to do, addressing negative perceptions, fostering Willcox ambassadors.
·           Building our external brand around strengths like a central website with event information, going through a branding process.
Do you agree with these priorities?  Have suggestions on other key areas?  Do you have ideas on practical solutions?  All feedback and input with an eye to the future of Willcox is welcome. This is a free event and open to everyone. To learn more, contact: The Willcox Chamber of Commerce at 520-384-2995. This message is brought to you by KWQR 92.5FM and KHIL 98.1FM and 1250AM.

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